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Game of Thrones S8: Jaime Lannister’s hand did not grow back!

Game of Thrones S8 after being hit by the coffee cup blunder faces another mocking. One of the promotional scenes was shared on social media that showed actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau aka Jamie Lannister upon reuniting, hugs Queen Cersei, reveals his detached right hand.

That little peak from the scene when the siblings were hugging unleashed a new wave of hysteria amongst eagle-eyed GOT fans. This time it wasn’t an actual blunder!

As soon as ‘The Bells’, the penultimate episode of the eighth and final season of the HBO series aired, the social media was stormed by curious GOT fans as they thought it as another blunder committed by showrunners, showing Jaime Lannister’s hand which grew back.

That was an unedited image came from HBO’s website being shared on the social media, which has been taken down now.

Reportedly, Helen Sloan, the show’s photographer, told the website that most of these photos from an episode, which are uploaded right after it is aired, are taken on the sets before CGI. So basically, the scene did not exactly appear in the episode.

But GOT fans are always quick to respond and they did express their resentment over spotting Jaime Lannister’s right hand, which had been chopped off way back in the show.










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