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Gear up for a super Junoon comeback!

An announcement, which was quite surprising and expected at the same time. Expected, because we have been hearing about this comeback for a while. Surprising, because we have been here quite a few times before. Pakistan’s most famous band Junoon is making a comeback!

The trio, Salman Ahmed, Brian O’Conell and Ali Azmat have been seen jamming together for an upcoming project, Sooper Hai Pakistan Ka Junoon.

A sense of disbelief and nostalgia is rampant amongst Junoonis. While the details are still sketchy, Salman Ahmed, has confirmed that the trio band will be traveling across Pakistan to perform. He also indicated that we will get a new Junoon album in 2019.

So this won’t be a one stop comeback for a particular project. The comeback trail kicks off on 14th August.

Junoon remains one of the most celebrated and iconic brands of Pakistan. While, the Pakistan music industry has been doldrums in recent times, it will definitely get a shot in the arm with Junoon’s comeback. Time shall tell if they will be able to rekindle old magic and deliver this again. Junoonis await eagerly!

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