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Ghalat Fehmi another masterpiece from Superstar

One after another, Superstar has been giving us hit songs. Azaan Sami Khan’s composition for the film is remarkable, consolidating the fact that this musician is here to stay for a long, long time. This time, his composition for Ghalat Fehmi has wowed us. The classical beats go amazingly with the poetry and of course Asim Azhar and Zenab Fatima’s vocals rise above everything else to give us the perfect heartbreak song.

The visualization shows Mahira and Bilal, Noori and Sameer, apart, trying to discover each other and deal with the heartbreak separation has brought them. Overall Ghalat Fehmi comes across as a beautfiul song with a remarkable recall value. This one, although a heartbreak song, you’ll find yourself humming quite often.

Give Ghalat Fehmi a listen here and tell us what you think;

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