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Hamza Firdous asks Mahira Khan to boycott Momina Duraid

The #SupportFirdousJamal movement will not stop until Mahira Khan boycotts MD Production


The Firdous Jamal, Mahira Khan controversy has been now blown out of proportion, largely due to the fact that Momina Duraid, CEO of MD Productions, used a few harsh words against veteran actor Firdous Jamal, banning him from her production house and claiming how she was ashamed he was a part of the industry.

MD Productions will not work with Firdous Jamal again in any capacity following his sexist remarks against Mahira: Momina Duraid

Following Momina Duraid’s comments, Firdous Jamal’s son came forward asking for support for his father, claiming he was being personally attacked and it was all part of a propaganda against him.

“I’m ashamed to have been a part of MD Productions,” Hamza Firdous opens up about Momina Duraid’s comments on Firdous Jamal

Hamza Firdous asked people to support his father using the #SupportFirdousJamal and within days the hashtag become a trend came a top trend in Pakistan, growing with every passing minute.

Now, making an appearance on Samaa TV, Firdous Jamal’s son, stated that the movement wouldn’t stop unless Mahira Khan officially boycotts Momina Duraid.

“The #SupportFirdousJamal campaign will not end until Mahira Khan officially boycotts Momina Duraid,” said Hamza Firdous.

Considering how Mahira Khan has a film at stake with MD Productions, gearing up for release on Eid ul Azha, it seems the boycott is unlikely.

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