Hamza Malik’s ‘Pyaar Yaar’ is coming out today and fans can’t wait for it!

The earlier released teasers hint at something brilliant in the store!

Hamza Malik’s ‘Pyaar Yaar’ is coming out today

Hamza Malik, the Lahore-based singer-songwriter is back with a new single “Pyaar Yaar”. Set out to be releasing on  October 3, “Pyaar Yaar” is another romantic tune, with the mellow music falling perfectly with Hamza Malik’s strong yet soft vocals.

From looking at the teasers of the song,  with a video featuring Sadaf Kanwal; Pyaar Yaar looks like it is set out to be another hit for the young musician.

Hamza Malik has quite a few hit singles to his credit including ‘’O Jaana’’ which was a collaborated with Rahat Fateh Ali khan. With his renditions of mostly romantic tunes with a hint of pop; he has garnered the audience’s praise in a short period of time.

For romantic song lovers, it’s going to be a sure thing to be included in their playlists.

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