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Haroon Shahid’s Twitter misstep!

The singer turned actor has enraged many by trivialising #Metoo, promoting violence and giving a deflective ‘apology’


Apologies are a difficult thing for people in the public eye. To what extent do you go? Do you ‘upset’ your fans with an outright, no ifs and buts apology or you use apology to deflect the real issue at hand and say ‘pehlay usne bola tha’. Haroon Shahid seemingly has taken the 2nd option and asked us to ‘stop fighting’.

I am not so sure what he means by that. It’s as a bizarre an apology as the initial tweet. If you haven’t read that one yet, here.

Gul Bhukari is a vocal critic of PM to be Imran Khan and the role of establishment in politics. A follower of Imran Khan, Haroon Shahid couldn’t let go let go of their opportunity and tweeted this. The tweet got severe backlash.


While some PTI supporters had backed him too.





However he has since apologized for the tweet.

But the apology came with certain demands and people aren’t too pleased.


Haroon Shahid, played a lead role in Verna, Shoiab Mansoor’s last film, which talked about sexual assault on females, which makes this whole incident all the more bizarre.

This tweet comes out at a time where emotions are running high,  especially amongst supporters of Imran Khan. This may explain the man’s words.  Its perhaps time to take a step back.

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