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House of the Dragon: Fix the light! Fans slam the makers as episode 7 airs

The most recent episode of House of the Dragon, “Driftmark,” came out as a major step down in quality when it came to visibility.

The frustrated viewers took to social media after watching episode 7 demanding to fix the light after many battled to adjust their screen settings.

After having similar concerns about lighting that had been raised about the original Game of Thrones series many years ago, it was quickly understood that something was seriously off this time in the prequel as well.

Watch out for the spoilers ahead!

The episode begins with a majority of the show’s characters gathered to mourn Lady Laena Velaryon (Nanna Blondell) in a single location overlooking the water. The sun went down as the characters all received their individual moments.

Everything was clearly lit and the episode, while a bit slow, was still sitting with all the various power players as they circled each other.

Then, rather abruptly, things went visibility dark.

While it hadn’t seemed like the day was coming to a close, suddenly all the characters were plunged into excessive darkness, leaving the fans frustrated.

Leaving the rest of the light details for you to catch up.

Here is how fans registered their displeasure over the lighting issues:

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