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Incredibles 2: The first ever animated movie to cross $600 million domestically

Incredibles 2” one of the most awaited  Pixar animation movie, was released about 2 months ago, however it still is not coming slow. It has achieved a huge milestone by becoming the first ever animated movie to pass $600 million in Domestic Box Office.

When Incredibles 1 was premiered, people already had so much anticipation about the sequel. In fact, the ending of the movie very clearly leaves a lot of open ended aspects which excited people more about the sequel. Years passed and there was no sign of sequel. Then suddenly, an official announcement from Disney/Pixar was released 4 years ago that there is going to be a sequel of Incredibles 2. Initially it was expected to be released in 2019 but the dates were pushed back. This decision was taken because of the release of Toy Story 4 which is now expected to be released in June, 2019.

The wait was too much. I mean, 14 years is a long, long time for a sequel to be made. After, the sequel was officially announced, fans were too excited for the release. And the excitement was valid, because the film did not disappoint. In fact, after watching the movie, viewers were left extremely impressed by the overall work that had been done in the making of the film. The detailing of every character’s appearance left everyone in awe!

Reason why Incredibles 2 took more than 10 years in making (Photo: 9gag)

It is not shocking to know that Incredibles 2 has now finally crossed $1 billion at Global Box Office in such a short time!

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