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Is Tere Bin bringing Marital Rape to the story? Netizens show their disgust

Is Tere Bin bringing Marital Rape to the story? Netizens show their disgust as soon as the latest episode of the hit drama serial hit the screens.

Tere Bin proved to be the recent brainless blockbuster in running but things are getting more than complicated for the mismatched couple Meerub and Murtasim.

Well for God’s sake, why do the producers have to turn soaps R-rated when we do not have an aged rating added to the content running on entertainment channels?

The newest teaser of Tere Bin has rung some alarm bells as the makers left the visuals for one’s imagination to go wild.

“Disgusted the way people are justifying marital rape on my TL right now. This is terrifying if true. I really hope our most trending drama isn’t about it. I hope we got it wrong from the teaser! I really hope! #TereBin,” a Twitter user wrote.

“*TRIGGER WARNING* It’s a humble request to anyone who is weak heart to not watch next week’s episodes or better just boycott the show. This episode will definitely trigger many who have experienced someone forcing them into their own life,” wrote another drama fan on Twitter.

Another user was reminded of a particular scene from another Geo Entertainment old drama Bashar Momin.


A Twitter user was left least impressed after watching the new promo.

“Traumatized. Disappointed. Do you want Jia to sugarcoat or tell something logical to make this promo a lie? This time I need someone to do this for me. Nooran you can’t do this to the characters that you made us fall in love with. I hate this show. Whatever. LANAT HO YR #terebin,” a Twitter user wrote.



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