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Jimmy Kimmel comes under-fire for comparing K-pop to COVID-19

He had recently compared the spread of COVID-19 to the 'BTS fever' in his interview with 'Emily in Paris' star Ashley Park.

Jimmy Kimmel comes under-fireJimmy Kimmel comes under-fire for comparing K-pop to COVID-19 | OyeYeah News

Jimmy Kimmel comes under fire for comparing K-pop to COVID-19 yet again.

This time it’s BTS ARMY lashing out talk show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ host Jimmy Kimmel for comparing K-pop to COVID-19.

A video of Kimmel is doing the rounds on the internet where he could be heard comparing the spread of deadly variants of COVID-19 to hit bands from Backstreet Boys to One Direction.

While the American show host did not directly name BTS, the subtext was directed towards the K-pop group as per the band’s fans.

“These variants, all the different variants in the world right now, it reminds me of the boy bands in the late 90s and early 2000s,” Kimmel said in the monologue.

“You had the big ones like Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, and then that mutated into O-Town and 98 Degrees. The JoBros popped up, Big Time Rush, they kept splitting off in different directions, eventually One Direction. And they took pieces and it popped up all over the world until eventually, we get to one that’s so contagious it destroys all life on Earth,” he concluded.

The statement didn’t sit well with the K-Pop and BTS fans who took to social media calling out the host of the talk show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’.


Twitterati slammed him for allegedly delivering derogatory remarks against the band and making fun of a sensitive issue.

While hashtag #jimmykimmelracist trends on Twitter timeline.

This latest episode of the backlash comes right after he recently compared the spread of COVID-19 to the ‘BTS fever’ in his interview with ‘Emily in Paris’ star Ashley Park.

While discussing her ‘Dynamite’ cover on his show, Park gushed that it felt like a total dream when several of the K-Pop group’s members reposted her number on social media. She also recalled her diagnosis with COVID-19.

Earlier, Kimmel was criticized when he compared Park’s COVID-19 diagnosis with ‘BTS fever’ joking,

“You thought it was BTS fever. They’re both very dangerous. You’re lucky to come out both of those alive.”

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