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Kashmir’s ‘Bhaago’: A Strong Message With A Melodious Tune

The song imparts a strong message


Run. Run from all those feelings, objects, humans, and whatever else it is that makes you question your existence. Run, and you’ll be happy. The theme of the song ‘Bhaago’ by Kashmir is enlivening and inspirational, and it’ll sure lift you up.

Kashmir strikes again with their new song after ‘Pari’, which is focusing on self-love and care, and how to keep yourself at a distance from depressed & upset people who might have a negative impact on you!

So, what it is that makes you listen to the song again and again? A few things can be mentioned to sum up this piece of art.

They succeeded in injecting energy into the lyrics that are serious and deep. The bass makes you want to bob your head to the music, compels you to dance when they say ‘dur kar do unhay, jo detay hain ghum tmhay!’

Not to forget the scintillating voice of Bilal Khan! How beautifully he adjusts the pitch of his voice according to the lyrics and the music’s demand. His ability to achieve that is laudable! With every passing year, the band is exploring different methods to bring exceptional music to our ears.

They have been highlighting real-life social issues with their latest work. We love how they target important topics that are a part of our lives and present them in a beautiful way! Like their previous song ‘Pari’ in which they communicated a message of hope for people going through depression, this time around they have focused on prioritizing oneself and giving a little kick to negativity out of your life, once and for all.

The variation with which this song was sung, as compared to its lyrics is pretty interesting, and we are quite impressed by it. It won at giving a good time to the listeners with this soundtrack.

What do you guys think about it? Let us know in the comments section – your thoughts mean a lot to us!

the authorIfrah Salman