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Kashmir’s New Song Pari is Intense and Refreshing

The song is not everyone's cup of tea, but it's surely a good one


Rock band Kashmir just released their latest composition Pari and it’s beyond par the everyday music we encounter. Based on a deep message with strong and powerful lyrics, the song just swoons you away as you hit play.

The song starts off on a very subtle note, however grows into a complicated and intense composition as it follows the suit of lyrics. Revolving around the idea of hope and happiness for everyone who’s suffering in life, the song gives away an impactful message through its lyrics and equally expressive music.

Another plus point for Pari is the soulful yet unique voice of the lead vocalist, Bilal Ali. The band’s cohesiveness too comes into play as you hear along the melodic lines of the beautiful song and find each component thoughtfully enacted at its place.

Albeit that not everyone might be able to hit like button in the first go, Pari does have the ability to leave its impression on you if you crave for a fresh take on contemporary music.

Here, listen to the track for yourself


the authorAisha Arshad