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Katrina Kaif Shows Some Sultry Moves In Husn Parcham!

Katrina Kaif does not only look good, she dances amazingly! And if you had any doubts about that, her latest song from the film Zero will clear them all. Husn Parcham is out and out Katrina Kaif’s. The song leaves one transfixed on the screen, watching Kaif move like a pro. She know she’s got it and she shakes it well!

Ajay Atul have created some rather catchy beats for Husn Parcham and Bhoomi Trivedi lets you experience the best of her sultry voice with the song. This is the second song to have come out from Zero and we have to say, the film is definitely bringing some nice music with its album.

Katrina Kaif’s electrifying persona and her smashing moves sets the screen alight in Husn Parcham. Watch the song for yourself and let us know what you think.

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