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Kiran Rao takes up a new mission of mobile storytelling

Very recently, filmmaker and producer Kiran Rao directed two 10 seconds short films for the Facebook thumbstoppers initiative which was launched in May as a collaboration between Rao and Facebook itself.

Both films were targeting the most important scenarios in society and highlighted gender discrimination.

The main initiative of the entire movement itself is to trigger the emotions of the audience viewing the video within 10 seconds as well as put forth good content in a short budget.

” Indian cinema has moved from political entertainment to individual struggles,” says Kiran Rao.

“Shooting something on a vertical frame will cut the cost and will be more economical. It’s also true the cost of shooting is going down with time as technology is becoming more accessible to people,” she stated.

The director-producer also believes that short films have a greater impact on people in a short span of time, unlike longer formats which comparatively aren’t as effective.

She also added how a person can manage to do so much on a vertical screen without being conscious about the resolution of their video, with technology evolving it’s much more easier for people to record stuff and curb against the oppressing issues.

The new format is believed to be much more widespread and encouraging for every citizen.

Moreover, the winners of the thumbstoppers challenge will get a chance to attend Cannes 2020. Facebook will also produce the top 20 films.

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