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Kuch Ankahi highlighting the importance of Nikahnama clauses wins the internet yet again

Kuch Ankahi wins the internet yet again and this time for highlighting the importance of Nikahnama clauses.

The joint production of ARY Digital and the Kashf Foundation, Kuch Ankahi is already one of the favourite weekend watches for its progressive storyline.

The drama is already raising various issues in a very subtle manner interwoven in a family story where each character has its precise value.

The Episode-11 of Kuch Ankahi is all about the wedding of Saima eventually taking place. We know the background story, and how mean Samiya’s  (Mira Sethi) mother-in-law (Asma Abbas) character is.

And when Nikkah is taking place Samiya’s mother-in-law lauds Molvi Sahab’s suggestion of cancelling clauses on Nikahnama (about the right of divorce, alimony, children’s custody etc.)

However, it’s Samiya’s family who demands the clauses to remain valid, which are granted for the benefit of the bride.

And the drama fans loved it!


It’s a fresh breather to see something progressive on screens after a long time. We are almost fed up with love triangles and oppressed and vamp women, and females after married men in dramas.

There are many other things that rightly needed to be highlighted in drama and soaps.



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