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The latest Zameen.com ad will make you emotional!

They say and we believe, Zameen.com can help you find the perfect house but only your love can turn it into a true home. And presenting the same idea, is the latest Zameen.com ad.

Caution; the ad will make you emotional so please keep your tissues handy.


Starring Fawad Khan, Asif Raza Mir and Sana Javed, the ad talks about how a family is built with love and care. A father’s presence in a child’s life is of utmost importance. Yes, a father works for his children but its his love and care that a child wants most.

Stressing upon the same fact, the latest Zameen.com ad makes you emotional. It drives the point home that a house is built with four walls but a home is only made with love. You can never prosper without the support of your loved ones and for that you need to give them your time, your care and your respect.

Fawad Azfal Khan looks perfect in his role as a concerned father and his expressions convey the point. In fact Zameen.com’s ad is an excellent effort to hit the point home, that home is family!

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