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Let’s celebrate the spirit of Independence with our all time favorite national songs!

Its independence day today and as Pakistanis, we’re rejoicing. Despite all hardships and issues our country is facing, it has lived up to its 71st year and we hope and pray it prospers for centuries to come.

Here, we bring you a list of our all time favorite Pakistani songs, which awaken the spirit of independence in us and brings out patriotic blood to boil.

Dil Se by Haroon

Now this one has to be our ultimate favorite. Even today, Dil Se, gives us goosebumps because the spirit of sacrifices and the hope of prosperity is brings across. Haroon created a heartfelt song and we love it more than anything!

Dil Dil Pakistan by Vital Signs 


An iconic song by Vital Signs, Dil Dil Pakistan has become an anthem for all Pakistanis because its just so beautiful. You cannot help but hum alongside whenever you hear Dil Dil Pakistan.

Junoon Se Aur Ishq Se


The real feeling of azaadi cannot be celebrated without passion and this one, very strong and passionate song is what you need to hear to truly know how this independence was brought about.

Khayal Rakhna by Alamgir

Khayal Rakhna was a beautiful song, one that awakens the same feelings even today and gives us goosebumps. Alamgir created a masterpiece which was recently revamped by Strepsil Stereo in an A Capella version, and trust us, both are beautiful.

Zindabad by Call The Band

Now, this is one track that’ll give you goosebumps for the passion it showcases. A drum anthem and a rock song, Zindabad is for the passionate Pakistanis who know they’ll do just about anything for their nation.

Jazba-e-Junoon by Junoon

Released in 1996, Janoon song “Jazba-e-Janoon”, from  Inquilaab, became a huge hit. The band delivered a song which became Pakistan’s anthem for all times to come.

Hum Hain Pakistani- Junaid Jamshed

Now this song, which came out after Pakistan won its first World Cup not only portrayed the country’s power to win but also remained and still remains as an all time favorite.

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