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Lipton’s new TVC took the Internet by Storm!

Lipton has always been a brand that created connections, Lipton took the initiative by presenting 60 seconds of silent advertisement.

TVCLipton’s new TVC took the Internet by Storm - OyeYeah News

Tea is a social glue for Pakistani culture. It brings people together to have conversations, but recently something has changed. The majority of Pakistani’s would agree that we are connecting less often then we used to – absorbed by our screens or staring at our TV, even when we are side by side we are not together.

From Instagram distracting us with picture-perfect feed to Netflix, making us eager to watch the newest dramas, we may spend several hours a day with our loved ones on WhatsApp. Still, we seem to be farther away from meaningful, face-to-face interactions than ever before. In a world enclosed in 24/7 connectivity, whether in pursuit of productivity or social updates, we have to ask ourselves if we are losing the ability to connect on a human level with each other.

We are now living in a society where our phones are continually burrowing into our lives to find sly little ways of invading our personal space and family time. There is an expectation that we must always be at everyone’s disposal, and this obligation creates a roadblock in time for your family.

Lipton wanted to change that to get people to disconnect to reconnect. Lipton has always been a brand that created connections, Lipton took the initiative by presenting 60 seconds of silent advertisement. After Lipton’s Silence advertisement, they also premiered the full TVC by giving people a strong message – to stop for a moment and connect with people who matter the most. The news that conveyed in the TVC hit everyone hard. A gentle reminder to prioritize the people who are around us.

Lipton has given an essential message. The silence is used so smartly that it has created a lot of noise, and Lipton got the whole country talking about their new TVC.



No doubt, Lipton’s Silence video was a great initiative! Sixty seconds of silence was all which was needed for people to understand where they were going wrong. It’s amazing how sometimes a wakeup call is all you need to get your priorities straight. Time (to switch off) has undoubtedly become one of our most precious resources, so make sure it counts.

If you haven’t watched the TVC yet, here is your time to disconnect and reconnect.

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