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For the love of poetry and Fawad Khan, watch this!

Enchanting! That’s the word that comes to mind the moment one sees the latest SF Khan Bridals ad. Featuring Fawad Khan and his mellifluous voice reciting the beautiful poetic words that were produced by the captivating pen of Ahmed Faraz.

Coupled with the magical voice of Fawad Khan, the poetry seems delivered in perfect harmony with the mesmerizing light music in the background and of course the exotic bridal collection by SF Khan Bridals.


Speaking of the video itself, Abdullah Haris has ensured it has been shot to perfection, appealing to each sense and making it come alive. The lovely lyrics are matched by relevant visuals that make a lasting impression. Despite the grandeur in the form of the fairy-tale-like palatial structures and a women clad in an enchanting attire, the video maintains a modest elegance and does not appear to be ostentatious at any point.

In a nutshell, the video serves the purpose: after all, a legendary poet, Fawad Khan, the heartthrob and majestic choreography should be enough to entice even the most fastidious audience.

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