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Na band Na Baraati; new faces, soulful music, romance and comedy

Any music album with songs of Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan & Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, has to be amazing. The song launched recently in a beautiful ceremony, we got to hear the songs of the film Na Band Na Baraati and we’ve been hooked. This film is directed by Mehmood Akhtar and looks at the life of Pakistanis living abroad. The film stars two well known Pakistani stars, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Ali Kazmi. It also introduces Shaheen Khan, Komal and Naheen.

The teaser is packed with fun moments, little bit of romance and some action. It looks like a typical romcom set in a foreign land. Mikaal, looks to have brought his A game to the fore,  and his performance as a lead in a film, is something I really am looking forward to. Ali Kazmi, was wonderful in Motorcycle Girl, and  is playing the villain in this film. Meanwhile, its always refreshing to see talent being given a stage to perform. All three seemingly have a major role in the film and will have plenty of opportunity to impress. We see the master Qavi Khan, delivering his powerful voice.
We got the chance to see the lead shake show their dancing skills on the melodic and the Punjabi dance number. Dances were quite thrilling and kept the audiences hooked. It was a fun and exciting event. One hopes that the film would also be as engaging.

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