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Nabeel Qureshi and his production team attacked during shoot in Karachi

Nabeel Qureshi and his production team attacked during a shoot in Karachi on Monday!

Pakistan’s accomplished director, writer, and occasional singer Nabeel Qureshi took to Twitter to share the details of the horrible incident.

According to him, his cast and crew were attacked by a mob in Karachi’s PIB colony, where they had been busy shooting a project.

Actress Hira Mani was also present when the incident happened.

Nabeel in a series of tweets revealed the details of the incident and urged the Sindh Police and Rangers to take action against the culprits.

“We have been attacked by a mob in PIB Colony/Jamshed Quarter Martin Road during the shoot. they got into the house we were shooting a hundred people they harrases women/actresses, beat the shit out of the crew, stole mobiles, equipment,” Nabeel Qureshi said in a tweet.

“I still cannot believe it, still in the trauma of what has happened we had kids like 6/7 years of age, and Hira keep on requesting them to behave from inside the door they were not listening, and they broke the door! It is so disturbing!” he added.

He added, “We are sitting here in the PIB police station, they attacked like anything honestly this never happened before in Karachi, they were equipped with weapons, they stole mobiles, wallets they do not care about ladies they raise their hands etc.”


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