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Netflix Releases List of Its Top 10 Shows for 2019

As the year ends, Netflix has issued a 2019 list of its top 10 shows for each of the categories it offers. From horror to comedy to nonfiction, the streaming giant revealed its top 10 for each genre in 2019 and then a collective list of most popular shows across the US.

However, interestingly Netflix’s list is not based on the most number of views and as per company policy the streaming service did not even reveal viewership statistics. Instead, the top 10 have been chosen based on Netflix’s own parameter.

As per a Netflix spokeswoman, “The rankings were determined not by the total number of viewers, but by counting the total number of households to stream an individual title for at least two minutes during the first 28 days of its release,” reported Variety.

The publication added, “For those titles that have not yet been available for 28 days, the company used projections based on the early data to estimate a 28-day viewership number.”

Considering this parameter, it is hard to determine Netflix’s viewership in contrast with traditional media. However, the list entails the following details.

Fantasy and sci-fi dramas remained a top favorite for Netflix in 2019 as the streaming service offered quite a vast range of shows in the genre.

Topping the list of the most favorite in the US is Stranger Things 3 that was premiered on July 4. The show also remained on the second spot among all 2019 releases of Netflix.

Following in the US list on number two is The Witcher which also stood at 6th spot in all 2019 releases. The Umbrella Academy that debuted on February 19, stood third on the series list and No. 9 on the list of all 2019 shows.

Dead to Me stood at No.4, You season 2 came in 5th and When They See Us ranked in on No.6.

On the nonfiction front, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo leads the list as viewers also seemed interested in cooking shows and music-themed competitions.

2019 however did not see Orange is the New Black, The Crown, and Black Mirror which were the streaming service’s best sellers in the past.

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