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Not in a good mood?

Woke up in a crummy mood? Well don’t let it ruin your day! Here are some quick and easy mood boosters that will help you get back in your game with a smile on your face:

Distract YOURSELF!

You must have heard a thousand times and here again, the more you overthink, the worse you’ll feel. This is actually true for most people who tend to make their bad mood even worse by thinking about the upsetting thoughts. So rather than overthinking, distract yourself with an activity. Go for a walk, listen to music or whatever you can to channel those negative thoughts out of you.

Color Therapy!

Believe me color therapy can work wonders in turning your bad mood around.  Buy yourself a coloring book and get started with coloring out those bad mood vibes or steer clear from them by wearing or looking at a fresh green color; perhaps the grass; to evoke feelings of happiness within you. Need more to feel relaxed? Try a blue hue.

Time to get your earphones/headphones out!

We all know that we GOT TO tune into a tune to get away from that bad mood. Research also shows that music can greatly help to either enhance or sadden one’s mood/ So if you’re looking for lasting mood- boost, you got to listen to at least one or two happy songs in a day and see the magic happen!

Massage = Magic!

A full body massage from a professional masseur can be ideal for reliving all the build-up stress within your muscles. However, if you’re looking for a quick fix to that stressed out moody you, here’s what you need to do: press your thumb into the outside corner of your palm (bottom of your thumb from outside) and slowly massage it in a circular motion. Then slowly move your thumb inward and repeat the same circular motion. Continue massaging until you reach the center of your palm.

Hug it Out!

Well sometimes you really got to hug it all out of you. Just simply call in your best friend or your pet and give them a good 20 second squeeze for those ‘happy hormones# to come your way and you’ll be surprised at what a simple hug can do.

Have your tried any of these before? Did these help? Let us know in the comments below!

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