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Oscars 2019: Submissions for The Best Foreign Language Film

How many of these submissions will make it to the final nominations?


Every year, there are hundreds of thousands of movies are made worldwide. However, only the bests among them get to make their place in nominations of any category of Oscars. I’m sure not everyone really cares about the best foreign language film. This is mainly because many people find it irritating to watch movies with subtitles. But this is how we leave many amazing movies left unseen. Every year, true film fans are actually very excited about the nominations and winner of this category.

Actually, it started with the invitation by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS) to the film industries of various countries to submit their best film in the category. These submissions are made to the Academy in order to get these films considered for the award. But it is actually a very long process.

The first movie submitted by Pakistani film industry to the AMPAS was ‘Zinda Bhaag’ in the 86th Academy Awards.

And this year, Cake, The Film’ is submitted for the consideration.This is the 6th time that a Pakistani film is submitted to the Academy for award consideration. However, the competition is so tough that none of the times Pakistan has been nominated in the category or got any of the films shortlisted in the earlier processes.

There are always movies from all the genres that I often wonder how difficult it must be to go through each and every delicacy of the film and its making in order to get to know the best of them all. This year’s entries for the category are extremely interesting. In fact, some of the films’ titles are so intriguing that I’m already planning to watch them, and I’m not a fan of watching movies where I have to be aided by the subtitles.

Mostly these are drama films that are able to successfully make it to the final selections. So far, the submitted drama films that seem the most interesting to me are Until the end of time from Algeria, Take it or leave it from Estonia, Never look away from Germany, Marlina the murderer in four acts from Indonesia, Night accident from Kyrgyzstan, Secret Ingredient from Macedonia, Burnout from Morocco, The great mystical circus from Brazil, And suddenly the dawn from Chile, Angels wear white from China and Eternity from Peru. Their titles and posters, both seemed extremely captivating to me that I am definitely planning to watch them sooner or later.

I’m not really a fan of documentary movies, biopics or comedy films, therefore I did not actually look into the submissions. Nevertheless, the crime and thriller movies are what I am always up for. And the submissions seem very interesting.

The most gripping titles for mystery/thriller/crime films that I came to know are Burning from Korea, The angel from Argentina and Spain, Birds of passage from Colombia, Watch dog from Canada and The guilty from Denmark.

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