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Pakistani celebrities share their fond childhood Eid memories

Eid ul Fitr  arrived with all its colors, festivities and blessings. Apart from that  fact that Eid has put us all on a festive mode, it does make us nostalgic when it brings back  all such fond childhood memories that we still cherish in our hearts.

It is true that kids carry the actual spirit and zeal of Eid, because for us adults, the eid now is not the same as it used to be in our childhood when collecting a Rs 10 note as Eidi  used to make us the happiest person.

Team Oye Yeah got a chance to have a chit  chat session with some of Pakistan’s amazing artists and asked them to share their favorite childhood memories with us. To our surprise most of them recall the same fond memories of Rs10 Eidi note :D

The gorgeous actress Amar Khan who has given her brilliant performances in drama serials like Ghughi and Belapur ki Dayan, shared with us her sweet old memories of Eid, ” I miss going to my Nani’s place in Androon-e-Lahore and getting a camel ride and eating qatlamma”  On inquiring what is qatlamma, Amar Khan told us that it is a desi style pizza, she further added that, “Eid is special as it bring the chance to gather various relatives, friends and even emotions under one roof. So the feeling of togetherness, big family meals and some nostalgic laughter and anecdotes keeps us going”.

Imran Asharaf shared one of the most hilarious memory which gave us fits of laughter.  The Lashkara star narrated, ” My Uncle, my father’s friend who happened to be a miser when it came to eidies never went over and above a Rs 20 note. Once while distributing Eidi to all kids he gave me Rs 5000 note mistakenly and when he realized that he has not given me Rs 20 but Rs 5000 his face color and expression changed, I was just observing his facial expression as he could not ask me to return it and I was just controlling my laughter. It is one memory I cannot forget.”

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Mohsin Abbas Haider, the Na Maloom Afraad star also shared a couple of his  Eid memories with us, ” When I was very young, my  family bought me a grey suit for Eid but I used to feel extremely shy to wear it outside so whenever I have to go out in the lane I used to put off that coat ” Another memory Mohsin shared was of him as an adult, ” There was a trend of leather pants and shirts, I think it came from Bollywood movies like Kaho Na Payar Hai, if I am not wrong. So after lots of insistence I bought leather pants and a shirt but when I wore it at home my whole family burst out laughing at me, I immediately returned it.”

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Oye Yeah Team also reached Junaid Khan, ” I remember celebrating Eid at my paternal grandfather house as a child and all our cousins used to collect Eidi from Chachas and specially our grandfather used to have a stack of fresh and crisp Rs 10 notes as Eidi”. He further added that, ” It is fun in own way initially to collect Eid so we could buy something for us and now it is giving so the kids can use it for themselves”.

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Affan Waheed also shared with us one of his favorite Eid memory, ” I love rain, the mosque was close to our house and we would walk our way to the mosque. It was clear when we were on the way before namaz, but then it became dark and it started raining like crazy so much so that we had to fight our way back through water and lost our slippers in the struggle. God! it was insane. I never enjoyed that much ever again. We were soaking wet when we got back and it was hardly five minutes walk”.

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