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Pakistani drama Khaani is now available on Netflix

Khaani was a record breaking drama by 7th Sky Entertainment, breaking not only stereotypes but also challenging the culture of power in Pakistan. It addressed a million issues in its story line and yet never lost focus. Asma Nabeel, the writer, highlighted how power and politics intoxicated a person and how he sought to have everything. Feroze Khan gave the performance of his lifetime as Mir Hadi accompanied by Sana Javed, Mehmood Aslam and Saman Ansari in pivotal roles.

And now it seems, Khaani’s fame is not only limited to Pakistan, but has internationally reached the giant online streaming website. Joining a list of Pakistani films and dramas is Khaani on Netflix.


Khaani is now streaming on Netflix with all its episodes. So if you missed out on this amazing drama or you want to re-watch Khaani, log on to Netflix today and enjoy the show.


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