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Prepare to get nostalgic with these 5 old English songs of all time!

Let us know which ones are your favorites!


How often do you find yourself searching your playlist for an oldie- goldie basic English song? Surely nothing can ever top when you sang ‘Tick Tock on the clock’ in the backseat on some bus ride with your friends but listening to some old songs can bring back some pretty intense memories- your first love, your first heartbreak, your first car ride or your happy moments too. So lets take those tissues out and take a ride down the memory lane with these top 5 favorite English songs of all time:

Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely – Backstreet Boys

Who did not love Backstreet Boys back in those days? These 90’s sensational and angelic group of young boys won almost every heart with their voice and good looks. And this one song was definitely a WINNER! Listen to it by clicking below:

We Will Rock You- Queen

This song managed to make its way to every corner of the world and soon became a favorite of every young or older guy or girl who came across it. Also whats there to not love about it?

Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen

If you’ve not yet listen to Bohemian Rhapsody, then what are you even doing with your life? Every boy and girl needs to listen to this track at least once in their life. Its a six minute suite, consisting of several sections without a chorus that will blow your mind away. Give it a try here:

Barbie Girl – Aqua

Not to be judgmental, but Barbie Girl at some point in everyone’s lives has been a favorite, boys included! Yes thats true! As embarrassing as it might be to admit, this song probably has the most fun memories attached to it than any other. Here relive the moment once again:

They Dont Care About Us- Michael Jackson

It has been quite long since Michael Jackson passed away and shattered millions of hearts worldwide, but the legacy still lives on and his songs still makes our hearts warm. All of us 90’s kids has surely gotten our reality checks when Michael Jackson released this track to show everyone the bitter reality of people.


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