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PSL 4’s anthem “Khel Deewano Ka,” is an upbeat track sung by Fawad Khan!

But we still miss Ali Zafar!


PSL 4’s official anthem came out today and its Fawad Khan who has taken the mic this time. Featuring Young Desi, Khel Deewano Ka is an upbeat track but we found it to have very little recall value. The song, doesn’t really click with the listeners, like the previous ones did. We’re still humming Ab seeti bajay gi, to people’s dismay.

The song, released today and has crossed about 80k views by now. However, we’re sad to say this, but really. We’re sorry Fawad but we miss Ali Zafar. Zafar’s songs had those upbeat element which made your adrenaline pump. This time, Khel Deewano Ka, seems forced, especially with its lyrics. In fact, the lyrics are causing major blunder in this particular song. The beats, the composition by Shuja Haider and Fawad’s vocals impress but the unmatched lyrics make everything else seem out of place. The rap by Young Desi, however, is rather interesting, catchy and fun. The visuals are stunning as well.

Previous PSL anthems clicked with the listeners instantly. Ali Zafar surely knew what he was doing when he created Dil Se Jaan Laga De and Ab Khel Jamay Ga.

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