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Qissa Meherbano Ka shedding light on marital rape leaves the internet divided

Mawra Hocane responds to criticism of showing marital rape in the drama

Mawra Hocane responds to criticismMawra Hocane responds to criticism | OyeYeah News

Qissa Meherbano Ka’s recent episodes shedding light on marital rape has left the internet divided.

It is not the first time that Pakistani drama makers have brought a ‘mazloom aurat’ portal in a prime-time drama slot.

However, the recent episodes of Qissa Meherbano Ka left viewers disgusted and triggered by the scene that definitely could have used a content warning.

The drama became the talk of the town for showing a scene where (Ahsan Khan) Murad the husband forces himself on his wife Meherbano (Mawra Hocane).

The unnerving scenes from the Episode 15 of HUM TV drama grabbed everyone’s attention for a display of marital rape, and for many, it became too much to handle for the viewers.

While in Episode 16 that aired on December 18, Meherbano justified the rape and said it was Murad’s “right” to be with her as he pleased.

The opinion of drama fans seems to be divided for highlighting the marital rape issue in a prime-time drama.

For some, it was part of a progressive story, while many were left visibly irked with too much toxicity in the storyline.


Mawra Hocane responds to criticism of marital rape in Qissa Meherbano Ka

The criticism also invited the lead actor of the drama Mawra Hocane to share her stance on social media.

Hocane responded to the criticism on the scene with a textbook definition of marital rape.

“Marital rape is defined as the forceful act of consummation by the husband with his wife without her explicit approval,” she tweeted.

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