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Riz Ahmed Releases Shortfilm and Album The Long Goodbye

British-Pakistani actor and singer Riz Ahmed has just released his short film and music album both titled The Long Goodbye look into Britain’s grim future as white racism and nationalists take over the country.

The short film, directed by Aneil Karia shows the UK in which racists have taken over and people of color are left to their miserable fate. The short film ends at a poem Where Are You From, in which Riz poses a question on how people of color are often asked of their origin, thus determining their loyalty to the country.

The album on the other hand as a similar theme and features a total of 15 songs on it.

“My country has broken up with me. We had our ups, but now it’s broken down,” said Riz as he took to Instagram to announce the release of his album.

The artists on the album include Mahershala Ali (Don’t Do Anything Stupid), Mindy Kaling (Take Half) and Yara Shahidi (Look Inside). Other songs on the list are Toba Tek Singh, The Break Up (Shikwa), Mogambo and Deal With It.

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