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Saba Qamar puffs off a cigarette and exhales a powerful message!

The ‘Baaghi’ actress Saba Qamar posted a photo of her’s smoking a cigarette on her Instagram. It’s a black and white picture, in which actress seems to be enjoying a casual puff, wearing tees tucked into striped trousers, holding onto a vintage radio probably from 80’s era.

Saba Qamar brilliantly captioned the photo: ”Mard peeyein toh wah, hum peeyein toh haaaa? When men smoke, wow, When women smoke, oh no),Tum khao toh chips, hum khaain toh aaloo (When you eat, it’s chips but when we eat, it’s potatoes.) Smoking is injurious to all, not only to women.”

It was an intelligent way to refer to the taboo and biased attitude connected to females when it comes to smoking in our society. Lately we all have seen reaction on social media when Mahira Khan’s smoking videos went viral over the internet. Saba Qamar has particularly made an indirect comment without mentioning fellow actress’s name, but she made a clear point that if a man smokes he gets all the praise in the world but if a woman does the same, she is disrespected.

Saba Qamar is not encouraging the smoking practice, either for man or woman; smoking is injurious to all, lady holding cigarette between her lips clearly mentions.

This is not the first time Saba Qamar has openly addressed issues. The actress is bold and very straightforward when it comes to speaking her mind. Saba took a strong stand when she chose to portray Qandeel Baloch in the social media sensation’s biopic and now, she’s shunning stereotypes by openly and blatantly addressing the double standards of the society.

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