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Saturday Night Live Creates Hilarious Parody of Trump and Biden Presidential Townhall

US Presidential election is just about to happen and in the last stages of the tug of war between Democratic hopeful Joe Biden and sitting POTUS Donald Trump, Saturday Night Live spiced up things in a hilarious way. Featuring Jim Carrey as Biden and Alec Baldwin as Trump, SNL season 46th third episode mimicked the Presidential townhall that went on-air last Thursday.

While Carrey’s Biden bored the audience to death in a manner of the 77-year old candidate, Baldwin’s Trump evaded questions like the real one always does. And since Trump’s real Townhall was telecasted on SNL’s own network NBC, it was also a chance of redemption for the channel who roasted Trump.

“One town hall was a thoughtful, cogent discussion of the issues facing our country. The other featured President Trump,” the cold open segment began on October 17 that commenced the sketches featuring Carrey and Baldwin.

“The highlight of Biden’s town hall was his response to how he would handle COVID. “Here’s the deal, unlike the president I actually have a plan.” When asked what it was, he replied, “A plan? It’s a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.” When it came to his plan, he said, “Let me start with a story, mixed with a complicated math problem: If you have three million doses of vaccine and the vaccine leaves Chicago at 10 a.m., what time would it arrive in Washington, and please show your work.” Variety reported of the segment which according to SNL had a theme of boring college lectures.

Alongside Carrey and Baldwin, Mikey Day portrayed George Stephanopoulos, Kate McKinnon portrayed “badass” Savannah Guthrie, and Maya Rudolph returned as Sen. Kamala Harris.

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