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Sayay: the web series by Mooroo

My web series will cater to many social issues especially women's sexual abuse

Sayay web series

The uncrowned king of social media Taimoor Salahuddin, more commonly known as Mooroo, is one of the most creative  and imaginative artists operating in our pop culture environment. He has come up with his new web series Sayay, the  first episode for which released on Thursday.

The Oye Yeah team got a chance to have a chit chat session with the  YouTuber Mooroo and received some insights  about his web series. When questioned about the genre of the web series, as the title hinted at something horror,  Mooroo replied, “The web series has some dark themes and may have some traces and elements of horror in it. But these are not entirely horror, there’s thrill and suspense in it as well.”

He further added , ” Yes I have written the script with the help of few of my friends. It is a continuation of my previous two of characters introduced in previous videos. Waleed and Mamoo. The web series will tackle with multiple themes. If I break down themes here it will ruin the spirit of the video. I would like to let the work speak for itself,” shared the star.

Mamo and @manshapasha webseries coming next month

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“The cast  includes Mariam Saleem Nawaz, Me, Wasaam Shazli and Mansha Pasha. The first series will have three episodes. Director of photography is my friend and partner in business Mohammad Khan , Frieha Azfal is the AD and sound recording has been done by Qaisar Nawaz. ” Revealing further, Mooroo added, “I am playing four characters in the series,  Mooroo, Waleed, Mamoo and AmaanUllah.”

Whats on your mind? @stoneagejeansco

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When asked if this series were raising any social issues, Mooroo replied, ” Yes these series do bring up social issues. The first episode will revolve around the issue of female sexual abuse. The episode will showcase two point of views; of the woman who is exploited, and the sexual predatory behavior by men. The first and the third episode will be raising this issue while the second episode will be different.”

Enjoy the first episode of Sayay by Mooroo here, and let us know what you thought of it.


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