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Simpsons Do It Again, Predicted Coronavirus in 1993

Internet is going crazy over another of Simpsons episode becoming reality

SimpsonsSimpsons correctly predicted Coronavirus outbreak in 1993 - OyeYeah News

Did you know, Simpsons predicted Coronavirus back in 1993?

In Season 4, Episode 21, Springfield is facing the deadly flu Olaska and the epidemic is far spread real soon. This was 1993 and right now in 2020, the Coronavirus that threatens the whole world seems too familiar from the Simpsons episode of 27 years ago.


In essence, Simpsons correctly predicted Coronavirus outbreak in 1993 and like most of its other predictions, this one is also true.

Earlier, the popular animated show had predicted attack on twin towers (9/11), Donald Trump’s presidency and Ebola Virus outbreak. This time around the episode showed a factory worker sneezing in a package thus transporting the infectious flu to the widespread area.

Regardless of the spookiness of these events from the show becoming reality in the world, it is unclear how the Simpsons so aptly predicted the future. But maybe, we should just rewatch the show with all seriousness and stay aware of what’s coming ahead now.

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