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Sonya Hussyn sends Tich Button producer Urwa Hocane a legal notice over “breach in contract”

Tich Button is slated to release on November 11

Sonya Hussyn has sent Tich Button producer Urwa Hocane a legal notice over a “breach in contract,” it emerges on Monday.

As reported, a legal notice dated October 22, was sent to the upcoming film’s producer for failing to pay her full dues for Tich Button.

Well, many had already identified Sonya Hussyn’s absence from the upcoming film’s promotional events.

She had not participated in the recent trailer launch event as well.

So here is the main reason behind her absence from the Tich Button’s limelight.

The actor’s legal team has addressed the matter by reminding Urwa Hocane that she “entered into contractual relations” with their client.

“Under express terms and conditions”, the producer had agreed to pay Sonya Hussyn a certain amount upon completion of the shooting, which began on February 2, 2020, and ended on June 5, the same year.

The notice stated that even though Sonya performed her part of the contract “in exceptional circumstances” such as the outbreak of Covid-19, she was not paid her due “despite repeated requests and reminders” accounting for a breach in the contract”.

The legal notice stated that after quite some time, “in stark convention and blatant violation of contract”, the actor-turned-producer “fraudulently” attempted to pay Sonya Hussyn Rs500,000/-.

Sonya Hussyn returned that cheque and “unequivocally refuses to be a prey of [Urwa’s] fraudulent scheme,” according to the notice.

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida actor is now demanding the payment agreed upon in the contract which is “still outstanding”.

As per the notice, the actress is now demanding Rs5 million for “general damages” on account of “distress, dismay, mental torture, humiliation and embarrassment” within 14 days of the receipt of the notice for the “undesirable and unwanted circumstances” created by Film Producer Urwa Hocane.

‘Upon failure to comply with this, Sonya has instructed her legal team to “institute civil and criminal legal provisions of the Pakistan Penal Code, 1860 for criminal breach of trust, cheating, fraud, and misrepresentation” and file a civil suit in court and seek recovery of payment, general damages, and attachment of Urwa’s immoveable and moveable assets,’ the notice added.

Tich Button is slated to release on November 11 nationwide after many delays amid the pandemic.

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