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Strings are back with Sajni and its exactly as you wanted it to be!

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the comeback single from Strings and now that it is here, we’re pleased to announce that Sajni,  is exactly what we all had been waiting to hear for so long!

The song, has the trademark, Strings feel to it, with the right amount of guitars and drums and of course Faisal Kapadia’s just perfect vocals. The video directed by Yasir Jaswal, has a retro feel to it and we love the concept which takes us back in time while Faisal Kapadia visits Bilal Maqsood as a therapist and reminiscence about the band’s starting days.

Celebrating 30 years of musical journey, Strings announce their comeback!

The colors, the light, the vocals, the beat are all what scream about STRINGS and the band’s major return back on the music scene. Even though a revamped version of the hit Sajni, this latest edition takes it a step further, uplifting the already favorite with new touches. In short, Sajni, is what makes a bold statement, even though Strings started back 30 years ago, the band is here to claim its throne as the ultimate favorite of the generations.

Check out Sajni here and tell us what you think of it,

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