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Student gets full marks with 19- word essay

Essay writing has never been an easy task for anyone, a good write- up often involves various components in it with a proper research and referencing system—the basic tool for writing a good essay.

A cheeky student in US did nothing for her writing assignment, instead wrote only one line to it and secured full marks for just 19 word of the essay.

Allison Garrett was assigned by her teacher to write a film review. The teenager girl picked 1999 cult movie Fight Club, starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, for her essay writing assignment.

The teenager wrote about an underground fight club where members are told: “The first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club.”


Over the years, this line has become famous, and she decided to jot it down as a time-saving measure for the review.

She wrote the film title with the iconic quote on the top. While at the bottom, she has a message to her teacher: “That’s it. That’s the essay.”

Later, Allison added a post on her Twitter handle, “The assignment description for essay 5 was to write a review on a movie that we had seen.” Along with it, she also shared the screenshots of her hilarious film review on social media.

“The opportunity arose, and I took my chances.” Allison added the explanation why she has written such review.

She wrote while filing the review to her professor: “I cannot say that I am sorry because that would be a lie. Am I proud? Yes.”

Allison was fortunate enough to get the most surprising response from her teacher who passed her with a high grade.

The teacher wrote: “I struggled over this grade for a long time. I finally decided you get a grade for a laugh and how relevant your review is for this particular movie.”

He went on while writing, “Let me warn you: do NOT try this kind of thing with other professors; they may not have my sense of humour.”

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