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Stunning Naveen Waqar steals fans’ heart on her Instagram!

She is a much talented actress, a model, Video and Radio Jockey of Pakistan industry


Naveen Waqar is no doubt the beauty and fashion diva of Pakistan. She is a much acquired talented actress, a model, Video and Radio Jockey of Pakistan industry. We often hear her charismatic voice in TV commercials as well. She is a marvelous singer too.

Naveen is not only look outstanding but also in her daily life she steals the attention of her fans by doing crazy and interesting things. Recently she posted a picture on her Instagram while doing the sketch for herself, she looks extremely adorable that was liked by more the 8k followers.

“Sketch and chill kinda day…..Practice makes perfect. Anyone else has the love of doodling on paper? What do you draw? Weirdly for me it’s either trees or lighthouses” said Naveen in her Instagram post.


It’s the time when Naveen was busy in shooting of drama serial Tajdeed-e-Wafa, and to relief herself from tiredness she got to pass her free time by doing something unusual.

In her another Instagram post, she poses as cat and bunny and doing the fun with her sister.


One of her post she is working out early morning that got more than 3k likes.


Without a doubt Naveen is a multi-talented personality who has earned fame in very short span of time.

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