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Sylvester Stallone snubs rumors of death!

And this has not happened for first time with the legendary actor

Sylvester Stallone death rumorsSylvester Stallone snubs rumors of death - OyeYeah News

Well it is not easy to be famous, one has to go through so many  scandals and  rumors, sacrificing personal lives and everything else that comes as a price of fame. This time, the celebrity to fall prey to hoax death rumors is none other than the Hollywood Star Sylvester Stallone.

The news went viral within minutes of coming out first. Sylvester Stallone was pronounced dead and fans began to share sentiments on social media. And of course the news had to reach Stallone himself, who is by the way, doing very well. In regards to all the rumors circulating, Sylvester Stallone had to resort to social media and make his stance clear, and very much alive!


Sylvester Stallone took to social media, confirming that he is alive and doing extremely well. The brother of the actor, Frank, said, “What kind of sick, demented, cruel mind things of things like this to post? People like this are mentally deranged and don’t deserve a place in society.”

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Well this is not the first time with Sylvester Stallone that his death news are ciculating all over the internet, It also happened back in 2016  when a British social news website claimed Stallone to be dead.  This time again, Stallone took things in their stride and shared a funny picture on Instagram, captioning it, ” Back from the Dead”


We’re glad to have the legend up and back on his feet, healthy and happy. While Stallone himself rejected the rumors, we hope publications get a mind to not follow each other blindly and check for everything themselves before going on about a news, as crass as this.

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