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Teasers for Omair Rana, Juggun Kazim’s “Khirki” are very intense!

Recently, Omair Rana told us how he had taken up a new project, a digital short film, titled Khirki. Directed by Fahad Bin Nur, the teaser of the short film has been released and it has impressed us immensely.

We see a child shouting for his mother, while a white dupatta, possibly the sign of peace or loss floats through the air. The woman (played by Juggun Kazim) appears suppressed, even lost to a point of looking blank. There’s a man (Omair Rana) who appears very atrocious, probably sinister.

What comes across as a amalgamation of various events is deeply moving, with brilliant cinematography. Khirki, moves you. It makes you intrigued, enough to watch what’s going to happen next.

According to Omair, Khirki is a story of a very average household and is inspired by very powerful, deeply rooted feudal inspirations about how lives can be curbed, killed and absolutely destroyed by people in their own definition of love. The story is about a man with a controlling nature, who is just too hard and too tight.

Khirki is a story of a man who imposes himself over his household and does not refrain from using violence. Economic struggles are basic cause of the situations but the child, who is the only savior of the house is sometimes the cause of the violence as well. Juggun Kazim plays the role of Omair Rana’s wife in the short film.

Watching the teasers, we’ve been convinced that this one is going to be very intense and deep. The teasers look chilling, bringing out a dark aspect of our society that we’ve tried to keep mum about for so long.

Laiba Sabeen

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