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The Best Space Movies of 21st Century

Space movies are one of the most liked genre among all other Sci-Fi movies. And some of the space movies are actually so good that they wake your inner space-lover. I remember when I first watched some space movies, I couldn’t help myself reading about related theories and the experiments and all the major space-related events. It’s all about the movies that ‘could be’ possible, or ‘would be’ possible?

Hidden Figures (2016)

When such movies are inspired by true events, I feel extremely unaccomplished.

At first it may seem that there’s nothing space-like in this movie, but these events actually made possible the  success of the first and subsequent U.S. manned spaceflights.
It is about three African-American women who work at NASA. It was difficult for them to work properly in a society that was gender segregated and racially segregated. And these three women had to face both. However, the way they overcome their hurdles shows nothing is impossible if you truly want to achieve something.

When I first heard of the movie Hidden Figures, I thought its all about how these women solved some mysterious numeric problems. Well, they did so, but the name suggested the untold story about these women which was worth making a film about.

Amazing soundtracks, impeccable acting by the cast and overall production; everything about this movie is perfect.

Gravity (2013)

I know some people may think otherwise about this movie, but Gravity is a movie that can surely make you feel something, and that’s exactly what a movie maker aspires to do.

Watching this movie in a cinema is a bewildering experience. The heroism, fearlessness, hopefulness, risks, life and death; this movie presents it all. It does show no matter how much human race succeeds to achieve, we still are tiny humans in this whole wide universe of unexplored mass that is waiting to be explored since the beginning of time.

The Martian (2015)

Could Matt Damon get any better than this?

No matter how many times I watch this movie, I never get tired of it.

The Martian, again, is a movie that can make you feel absolutely unimportant and almost non-existent.

How would it feel like to be the only human on a planet?  Emotions, excitement, gloominess, happiness; every expression has been beautifully portrayed by Matt Damon in the movie.

Interstellar (2014)

I still regret not watching this one in the theaters.

Do you ever think about the purpose of your life?

A man comes into this world, spends his life, makes memories (good or bad), and dies…just like that?

Watching Interstellar was an extremely wholesome experience for me. How many movies can make you cry, happy, sad, excited, uncomfortable and curious at the same time? Well, this one certainly can. Overall, the movie is so unnerving yet exciting that it can give you chills.

The background scores, soundtracks and the overall theme of the movie made it even more haunting. Everything about Interstellar, from cinematography to production design to acting to visual effects to sound; is just top notch!

I really hope more of such movies are made in the future.

Which space movie is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below

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