The Crown Irks Royal Fans for ‘Unfair’ Portrayal of Queen Elizabeth

Several fans have called out the Netflix show for showing the Queen as a less intelligent woman

crownThe Crown Irks Royal Fans for 'Unfair' Portrayal of Queen Elizabeth - OyeYeah News

Netflix’s show The Crown has once again irked the fans of the royal family and the members themselves for the ‘unfair’ portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II. Many claims that the drama, currently in its fourth season, has continued to portray the Queen as a less intelligent woman who is often out of depth in her ideas.

“The world leaders who have met her, brilliant minds who have had the privilege to spend time with her, I haven’t heard any of them question her intelligence. Some of those representations that might be there in pop culture are pretty unfair,” said Sky News anchor Rita Panahi.

“She’s obviously an intelligent woman. You cannot be lucky enough to do what she’s done just based on your mind and those around you,” she added.

Rita’s co-host Rowan Dean also concurred the same views about the monarch. “We watch shows like The Crown, and there have been movies and so on made about the Queen and the Royal Family. They tend to portray her as not very bright, out of her depth in ways which are clearly laughable, particularly The Crown’s current portrayals by Olivia Colman.”

However, despite the accusations on the show, it’s main lead Olivia Colman says she’s in love with the character she’s playing and has grown fonder of the Queen since she started to portray her onscreen.

“She’s the breadwinner. She’s the one on our coins and banknotes. Prince Philip has to walk behind her. She fixed cars in the second world war,” said Olivia.

“She insisted on driving a king who came from a country where women weren’t allowed to drive. She’s no shrinking violet,” she added.

the authorAisha Arshad