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The Lion King new teaser; we get to hear Beyonce as Nala for the first time

Disney's live-action reboot hits theaters on July 19th.


The Lion King, one of the most-anticipated film of 2019 is about a month and a half away from its release. And We finally get to hear Nala voiced by American singer and songwriter Beyoncé.

Beyoncé has voiced the character of Nala, Simba’s love interest in the upcoming live-action of the classic.
In the newly released teaser, we see Nala telling Simba to return to Pride Rock and reclaim his throne which was snatched from him, “You have to take your place as king”.

Those who have watched the classic know, Simba escapade after his father Mufasa died in a stampede trying to save his life. His uncle Scar convinced the young prince that everyone, including his mother, would blame him for Mufasa’s death.

Later the international trailer for the upcoming live actions film was also released giving a more detailed of the Disney live-action reboot.

The trailer emphases mainly on Simba as a cub, and his relationship to his father, Mufasa. Also featuring the iconic “everything the light touches” scene.

The Lion King stars Donald Glover as the voice of Simmba, while Chiwetel Ejiofor will be seen as the voice of Scar.

Disney’s live-action reboot hits theaters on July 19th.

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