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Things You Want To Know About Feroze Khan’s Wedding!

From the name of the bride, to the choreographer, we have covered it all!



So it looks like the handsome hunk, Feroze Khan, is finally set to tie the wedding knot by the end of this month and needless to say a lot of hearts are broken as the actor confirmed the news himself by going live on his Instagram account just a few days ago.

As much as this news is a surprise for all of us, including his super fans, he is yet to reveal the details of his wedding and well tell who the lucky girl is… So we decided to go a little incognito and do some digging before bringing you these 5 things that we ‘mayyyy’ know about FK’s wedding:

  1. Well for starters its an arranged marriageyes well who would have thought right? Humaima Malik, FK’s sister, revealed that its a complete arranged marriage and that her bhabhi belongs from Karachi and has nothing to do with the media industry or showbizz. Well thats exciting! The name of the bride is Syeda Aliza Fatima Raza.

2. Well remember we said we went a little incognito? So guess what we found! yes thats exactly what you think that is!! Looks like the actor was right, he is for sure getting hitched by the end of March and seems to be having his Valima Reception on the 3rd of April 2018. According to sources, the Sangeet is scheduled for 26th March while Shadi has been scheduled for the 30th of this month.

3.  Humaima Malik in an Instagram story revealed that she is too excited for her veer di wedding and has already started getting her dress made and is ready to rock the dance floor with the one and only Gohar Hayat, the choreographer and her best friend.


In amidst all of this, we’re sure Feroze Khan is very excited and happy to tie to the knot and to have finally found the girl of her dreams. In a recent interview, the lucky star said ‘I’m looking forward to many exciting things that come with marriage. I know internet has gone crazy with my marriage news but at this time I just want to live in the moment and enjoy it and I want my fans to respect my privacy as I celebrate with my family’.

Feroze Khan is getting married at the end of this month, in Karachi!

P.S: Feroze Khan follows his bride on Instagram but sadly, she hasn’t shared anything as yet!

We wish you all the best FK and hope you have a great and happy life ahead of you!

the authorLaiba Sabeen