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Trailer review: Asim Raza weaves magic with Paray Hut Love

The film's trailer is hands down impressive


Seems like we’re in for some really good movies in the second half of the year. If recently released trailers are anything to go by, including Baaji and now Paray Hut Love, life in cinemas will soon be returning.

Asim Raza’s Paray Hut Love just launched its trailer and it looks like a beautiful package. The film speaks of high end cinematography, a captivating story, strong direction and impressive onscreen portrayal of characters by all actors.

Before we move on to the leads, we have to say Zara Noor Abbas is not only gorgeous, she’s a talented actress whose presence in a scene demands all the attention,  she does the same in Paray Hut Love. Ahmed Ali Butt is his usual impressive self in his character.

Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar share a crackling chemistry that will definitely impress the audience. Mahira Khan and even Fawad Khan make special appearances which will definitely add an appeal for all.

Asim Raza’s film hints at a masterpiece, we’ve been missing for long in cinemas. From the trailer Paray Hut Love looks like a complete entertainer, majestic and grand. Not to forget, the film’s music is a treat to the ears.

We’re definitely watching this one for Sheheryar and Maya this Eid.

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