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Trailer Review: Laal Kabootar brings powerful performances

This is not your average feel good film


Watching the trailer of Laal Kabootar, one is not only intrigued, but highly impressed. For once the Pakistani cinema is branching out and trying a new genre. Laal Kabootar isn’t your average feel good film. Its no comic, not romance and not action entirely. Its a crime thriller and it delivers the right amount of intrigue and raw thrill, right from the word Go.

Ahmed Ali Akbar as Adeel is a taxi driver with dreams of making it big. He wants to move to Dubai but that’s not happening. He drives his taxi throughout the day and deals with all kinds of people including thugs and goons. Mansha Pasha as Alia is clearly out of Adeel’s league but yet she’s here seeking his help to track something down. The police is of no help and Alia is eager. What happens and how it happens will only unfold once the film releases.

Laal Kabootar explores the ugly underbelly of Karachi, bringing across a taste of the city most of us have heard about but not experienced. Ahmed Ali Akbar as Adeel delivers an impacting performance in the trailer. His raw person is convincing. Ahmed has comfortably shed the good boy image with Laal Kabootar. Mansha Pasha is serious and convincing in her character.

Laal Kabootar, directed by Kamal Khan is Pakistan’s first film for mature audience only. Looking at the trailer we have a good feeling about the film on the box office. This is a genre unexplored here and from what we’ve seen so far, its going to intrigue the audience and earn some hefty acclaim from the critics.

Raw, gory and bringing across the dark side of Karachi, Laal Kabootar, releases 22nd March all over.

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