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Multiple TV Shows and Films Resume Shoots in Vancouver After COVID-19 Obstacles

Worldwide the television shows production and filmmakers suffered heavy losses of millions due to Coronavirus. However, the shooting spells have finally resumed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

And among the shows that are already on the floor are Riverdale, Batwoman, and Maid on Netflix.

In addition, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow were also supposed to begin shoots last week but due to COVID-19 testing backlogs, they have halted their plans. The tests – conducted every three days on sets – are compulsory for all studios to follow.

As being reported, ‘Superman and Lois’ and ‘Kung Fu’ also plan to begin filming next week, and are still on track to do so — thoughbecause of the questions about how much volume the testing system can take, they might not.

However, the crunched testing capacity is one of the main reasons Studios are facing problems because results take time and halt shoots, while the producers worry of shutdown in case of discrepancy in test results.


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