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Urr Chalay from the Sohai Ali Abro starrer Motorcycle Girl will win you over!

Sohai Ali Abro starrer Motorcycle Girl has been the talk of the town lately, and that too for all the right reason. The film, with its short trailer, has us all revved up for its release on 20th April and joining the list of our very compelling reasons is the first song from the film, Urr Chalay.

A beautiful melody featuring Ali Noor’s inspiring vocals and lyrics that move the heart, Urr Chalay is a complete package. From picturization to emotions enunciated on the screen, the song nails each and every aspect. Xulfi aka Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan has given exceptional music, in sync with Noor’s vocals and going along well with the inspirational theme of the film and of course the song itself.

Sohai Ali Abro’s determination shines clear with her expressions and her journey up north is extremely beautiful. Adnan Sarwar has captured the true beauty of nature in stunning visuals, never once sidelining the motorcycle riding girl, Sohai. All in all, with the first song released and having impressed us, all we can say is Motorcycle Girl will be a complete package, a film we ought to look forward to.

Trailer of Sohai Ali Abro starrer Motorcycle Girl is super impressive!

Motorcycle Girl hits cinemas 20th April.

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