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Wedding Virus Eid Telefilm Review: A satire on how our desi culture treats Corona Virus

Gul e Rana is the star of the show

Wedding Virus Eid Telefilm Review | OyeYeahWedding Virus Eid Telefilm Review | OyeYeah

Wedding Virus is another Eid treat by ARY Digital aired on the third day of Eid, starring Muneeb Butt, Hiba Bukhari, Gul e Rana, Rubina Asharaf, Waseem Abbas, and Fareeha Jabeen.

Written by Saba Hassan and directed by Furqan T Siddiqui, this telefilm besides being a romantic comedy is a satire on our desi culture and attitude towards Corona Virus.

Muneeb Butt as sherry is in love with his cousin Zayna and he has come all the way from London to marry her.

Like other Eid Telefilms, this one too revolves around cousin marriages however, the star of the show is Gul e Rana jee with her fabulous performance as a dadi who makes the wedding possible. Sherry has come to Pakistan to get married to her cousin. Their mothers are arch-rivals. Sherry is adamant to only marry Zenia with the help of their grandmother.

Well, one wonders why all Eid telefilms are based on Weddings and particularly cousin weddings? there are too many other topics and subjects. Wedding Virus has also nothing to do with Eid or Eid festivities, it is mainly focused on corona and is all about a pandemic wedding.

Wedding Virus is a commentary on how our desi culture treats Corona Virus. Two extreme conditions are shown Sherry’s mother is strictly following SOPS while Sherry’s Dadi and his phupho represent a typical desi mindset and practicing what we call desi distancing instead of social distancing.

Despite following proper SOPS Zayna’s mother and Nani are using all desi senseless remedies on Sherry when he contracted Corona Virus. Zayna along with her Nani and mother brings that Corona Baba home which is quite a stretch and too exaggerated but it is a satire on a typical desi mentality who is still blindly following such people. It also shows how Sherry’s Dadi has not vaccinated herself as she believes that she will die soon because of it.

Apart from Gul e Rana jee super brilliant performances, Rubina Asharaf and Waseem Abbas performances are incredible too. Hiba Bukhari is looking simply gorgeous. Wedding Virus is a thorough entertainment with loads of laughter and fun moments at the same time it is a satire mocking our very own typical desi mentality.

It’s a Perfect Eid treat! Catch it here if you haven’t watched it yet:


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