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Younis Khan gets trolled on Twitter!

Trollers gonna troll whatever they find!

Younis Khan with celebs

Social media trolls think they can troll just about anyone and get away with it. Also there has to be no apparent reason for something to go viral and be trolled for the sake of it. The recent addition to the list of viral trolls, happens to be the much loved batsman Younis Khan, who has been captured amongst the beauties of the cinema/television industry and is now being trolled for being therein.

Well the story is goes like this, at the press unveiling ceremony of the FIFA World Cup trophy in Lahore this Saturday, the former cricketer Younis Khan was snapped posing with our entertainment industry’s finest and most gorgeous actresses. Younis khan looked happy standing amidst those beautiful ladies as he himself is a happy go lucky guy. However this picture is getting trolled on Twitter in the most hilarious of  way.


Seems like Twitterati is having all the fun they can at the expense of the harmless cricketer who happened to be a storm on the field. Nonetheless, we’re loving Younis’s shyness that shines bright as a crystal in the images. Here’s to our favorite batsman and his scoring much later after he retired from the field!


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